Responsible travel

Finca El Quinto was set up in 1987 by Helmut and Roswitha Köllmann who moved to Tenerife to become self-sufficient and enjoy an organic lifestyle with their five children.  Over a period of five years, the couple successfully created a rural idyll and the cottages they constructed have since attracted families, couples, teaching groups and executives looking for alternative holidays away from the touristic establishments and gift malls.  Growing around the cottages and flats, there are fruit trees such as mango, papaya, avocado and banana and wonderful fresh herbs for the kitchen.  Each holiday home has been built in the traditional Canarian style using the appropriate joinery and original features for the windows and for the roofs antique tiling.

At Finca el Quinto we have been focused on ecological and community-sensitive hospitality since the beginning of the farm in the eighties, as much by necessity as by design.  To be located on an island means that resources have to be used appropriately and has ensured that Finca el Quinto has always been acutely aware of its environment.



Since its purchase in 1987 the 6ha Finca has been cultivated ecologically (we are recognized by the CRAE - CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA AGR.ECO.DE CANARIAS). Our focus is that of sharing and promoting environmental awareness and a sustainable and ecological lifestyle. Artificial fertilisers are banned and we develop fertile soil by rotating crops and using compost, manure and mulching. We now breed our own chicken, ducks and pigs which are allowed to roam freely amongst the orange groves. All depending on availability, we supply our guests with fresh produce from the farm.


Water is a scarce resource on the island and has to be used appropriately. All properties have collection tanks for the water from Kitchen and bathroom – once the water has passed through a three chamber cycle, we use it to water the plants. There are also collection points all over the finca and along the main roads to collect all rainwater that falls during the year.


All waste gets separated and recycled in the south of the island. We provide bins for the separation of the waste that is accumulated on the farm and the houses. The organic waste gets collected for feeding our lifestock and is also recycled for composting.

Recycled Building Materials

All properties on our farm have been built and renovated using the old roofing tiles, pino tea ("pitch pine") and stones from traditional houses that where demolished in the 1980s. A lot of the furniture in the properties are also antiques.

The virtue of recycling used building materials lies in diminishing the need for industry to recreate it and save the energy that would be spent in the manufacturing and transporting process.